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Diagnose Your Debt: Uncover what you truly owe!
Prescribe A Payment Plan: Tailored to fit your budget!
Heal Your Finances: Navigate, negotiate, and neutralize debt!

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Evaluate Your Debt

Cleo helps you verify and assess your medical debt for accuracy, determining your responsibility and providing a personalized relief plan.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Cleo negotiates your medical bills, finding the best solution for you while ensuring your peace of mind and control over the process.

Debt Validation

Cleo helps you make sure that you are only responsible for paying the correct charges and that there are no errors or incorrect charges on your medical debt.

Settlement Agreement

Cleo negotiates and creates a signed settlement agreement that aligns with your budget and objectives, ensuring payment security and fulfillment.

Flexible Payment Plan

Cleo helps you take charge of your finances and get back on track today. Our customized payment plan offers flexibility to effectively manage your financial situation.


Stay in control with Cleo. We keep you updated on outstanding balances and due dates while tracking your payment history, making financial management seamless and stress-free.

How Remediai Works

No More Harassment. Instance Assessment. Flexible Payment Plan.

Why Choose Us?

We keep it private & secure
Cleo provides confidentiality, security, and peace of mind allowing for open, honest, and stress-free dialogue. See our Privacy Notice for more information.
We're easy and convenient
Our friendly AI bot, Cleo, will guide you through the entire process anytime or anywhere.
We help you save time and money
Have peace of mind knowing you don't have to deal with providers or collection on your own. We will save you hundreds of dollars on your medical debt.
 Best medical debt relief company - Remediai

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