RemediAI - resolve medical debt
RemediAI - resolve medical debt

To inspire and guide people towards freedom from debt, giving them peace of mind.

How We Roll


Our approach to evaluating individuals focuses on their performance and outcomes, not on their political maneuvering. Our primary goal is to grow and improve, which is why we prioritize transparency and directness among team members. This entails openly discussing our goals, strengths, and areas where we can enhance our skills.


Our attitude is either fully committed or not involved at all. Every member of our team is responsible for both the immediate and future prosperity of our organization, and we fulfill our duties with conscientiousness and accountability. This means that we prioritize delivering outcomes that benefit our company in the short and long term.

Customer Obsessed

Our dedication lies in aiding our customers to achieve their objectives. We consider errors as chances for improvement and progress. We pay attention to feedback, acquire knowledge, and go beyond expectations to prioritize our customers' needs. In short, our customers always come first.

One Team

Our team prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that our dissimilarities add to our collective strength, and we value and respect them. Collaboratively, we aim to enhance our individual and group performance by supporting each other's growth and development.


We are committed to innovation and creating our path, irrespective of the existing norms. With perseverance and enthusiasm, we view challenges as openings to explore new ideas and approaches. We embrace our determination and drive to pave the way for unique solutions.

Building In The Public

"Building in the public" is indeed an engaging approach, and when a company like RemediAI adopts this strategy, it can create even more positive outcomes for the customers. RemediAI, as a healthcare-focused organization, realizes that its success and innovation are fundamentally linked to the experiences, insights, and satisfaction of its customers. This is why RemediAI is choosing to embrace the "building in the public" approach. By deciding to "build in the public," RemediAI is placing its customers at the heart of its development process. Here are some ways in which this philosophy benefits customers and potential users of RemediAI's services.

Transparency: By openly sharing the development process, RemediAI provides a clear window into how decisions are made, ensuring customers understand why certain features or services are designed the way they are.

Community Participation: RemediAI's approach encourages active customer involvement. By sharing ongoing updates and progress reports, RemediAI encourages feedback and suggestions that help shape the service to better meet customer needs.

Early Access to Innovation: As part of this process, customers may get early or exclusive access to new features or services. This not only lets customers experience the latest innovations but also provides a platform for them to share their experiences and help fine-tune these features.

Trust and Loyalty: Transparency and customer participation foster a higher degree of trust and loyalty. When customers see their suggestions being incorporated or their issues being addressed publicly, they feel valued and are more likely to remain loyal to the service.

Education: The open process also serves as an educational experience. Customers gain insights into the complexities of development, the challenges faced, and the solutions implemented. This can help them appreciate the service more and use it more effectively.

In essence, RemediAI's "building in the public" approach places you, the customer, at the heart of its journey. It ensures that you have a voice in shaping the services, provides transparency into the process, and creates a platform for mutual growth and learning. With this approach, RemediAI aims to build healthcare solutions that truly resonate with user needs and expectations.

Meet Our Team

We firmly believe that medical debt can be eliminated without causing additional stress or requiring excessive amounts of time, which is a prevalent problem within the current flawed system. We provide a reliable and straightforward process that reduces your medical debt, offering relief from any health expenses you have incurred. Our process is designed to be efficient, effective, and risk-free, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Roya Azimi
Founder & CEO
Min Chan, Esq
Chief Legal Advisor

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